there are other animals at the zoo

by We Became Owls

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Under an oak tree, under an oak tree in Nevada I buried my father, and my father's horses And I wept 'Cause I had a daughter, I had a daughter in November I wish she was older, so she could remember My old man Brother to hold her little hand Now lay the casket deep down in the sand I had a mother, I had a mother in Montana She had a bottle, she had a bottle full of rye She never cried Told her my father had died She laughed and said, "Don't kid me boy, you lie!" You lie You lie You lie You lie
Her name was Victoria, she had a perfect mania She tried to look picturesque but remained sad and untidy She always did wrong but succeeded in life Never took long, made a beautiful wife She was too stubborn to love and too sheepish to care for her children Oh oh Victoria Oh oh Victoria Church was her safety she loved Jesus too Laughter staccato she always turned blue She was nervously nervous when she smiled things got darker Her anger was frightening her lips thin like floss Always was running but never seemed lost She'd paid quite the cost, she wouldn't help you in the hallways if you were lost Oh oh Victoria Oh oh Victoria Someone been running something been lost I didn't know who had become the boss She was terrified of music, 'cause she was too sentimental She was in love with love without ever being in love
Go light a cigarette And paint it blue I'd rather walk alone Than walk with you Sunglasses blue and white Upon your head The mortuary sign Is glowing red, it guards the dead Sad eyed saint Go microwave Your last meal I got a friend ya know She stands alone She never bothers me When I come home She never bothers me Sad eyed saint Go microwave Your last meal
What would you do my friend if the rope was tied and taught Your road is comin to an end and your final fights been faught What would you do my love with your Mama in your face Maybe you'll give her a shove and your heart will pick ups its pace Your heart will pick up its pace with yer Mama in yer face So Mama, don't go, please I'm dying, I'm dying. Oh son, I forgive you, can't you see I'm cryin, I'm cryin But I'm here, and I won't close my eyes I won't close my eyes boy No no no I won't close my eyes What does it matter Mama, this black hood isn't fake And on the other side of it the people snarl in wait This black hood isn't fake And on the other side of it, Mama, the people lie in wait So Mama, so long, now I'm leavin, stop heavin Send in the clowns! There's nothing here for you but sadness Times Madness So now go, walk away, turn around, there's nothing to say
You swore you would never go back Tp pick up the pieces you were owed Of the heart that she left for you on the side of the road But when you picked them up You could not help but place them in the freezer Next to all the other pieces you'd been loaned You tore all the muscle from me To make the man you wanted to see All the way down to the bone and the curl in my toes You tore out the pages of my paperback heart And you only read the epilogue Whoa I concentrate on you Annie get yer gun What now my love come and give me some I concentrate on you Annie get yer gun And come and give me some
You swore you'd come back Put your train on my track Put your heart in a sack And put it on my back I am your sherpa I'm your sherpa I am your sherpa I am you I am I watched you sing to an empty room From the depths you bring All the darkest of gloom I am your audience I'm your audience I am your audience I am you I am I'm your whippoorwill I'm your start I'm you grand daddy's new heart I'm anxiety in the rain And I'm jarring up all my remains I'm your I'm your I'm your I am you I am I am you I am I am you I am


We Became Owls second EP.


released July 11, 2014

Recorded at Hyde St Studio C, San Francisco, CA
Engineered and mixed by Scott McDowell
Mastered by Jon Kirchner
2014 All song written by Andrew Blair and We Became Owls (ASCAP


all rights reserved



We Became Owls Oakland, California

We Became Owls is the collective musical expression of East Bay, CA natives Andrew Blair (vocals, guitar) and Ross Warner (mandolin, accordion, harmonica, lap steel guitar, electric guitar, etc). The rest of the Owl family is Doug Keen (bass), Kelly McFarling (vocals, banjo) and Kyle Caprista or Andrew Laubacher on drums ... more

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